Christians, your ‘Day of Dialogue’ is shameful.

In Atheism on April 19, 2012 at 8:38 am

Today, April 19, is the so-called ‘Day of Dialogue‘ which is being sponsored by Focus on the Family.  It is being pitched as an ‘anti-bullying because God doesn’t like bullying’ (my description, not theirs) invitation to learn more about God’s plan for your life.  Apparently, God also has a plan for who it’s okay for us to have sex with.  My concern here is that gay kids, who are already ‘at-risk’ of being victims of bullying and discrimination, will be drawn to this ‘kinder, gentler’ approach, just to be told that God does not approve of who they are, who they love, and what kind of sex they have.

My concern, however, goes beyond that.  This disgusting, pathetic attempt to put a happy face on homophobia also has the potential to involve young people who have managed to avoid religious indoctrination, but also hear homophobic rhetoric from their friends and family.  This is the equivalent of a pedophile offering candy to a child, drawing them close with kindness that masks their immorality, then destroying their lives.

If any young person reads this post, I want you remember this:  Sexuality is a natural, healthy part of the human experience regardless of where you fall on the homo/hetero spectrum.  If someone tells you that your orientation is a sin, forgive them.  They have been brainwashed into a system of belief built on a fairy tale.  The book that teaches them that homosexuality is a sin also teaches them that the earth is 6,000 years old, is flat, and is the center of the universe.  The god they speak of murdered millions of people, demanded that a man murder his son in order to show loyalty, and committed atrocities that are, at the very least, immoral.

There is no god.  There is no deity sitting in judgement of mankind.  You are free to live your life according to your sense of morality.  There is nothing unnatural or immoral about your sexual orientation.


A Great Rebuttal to the ‘Day of Dialogue’ Card.


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