Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2012 at 9:55 am

This group, attempting to infect the school district which my daughters attend, appears to be a front for religious right wing conservatives who would like to force their agenda on the students of one of the better public school districts in the state.

I have two children in Rockwood Schools. One at Marquette HS, the other at Crestview Middle. Both of them are open about their atheism. There was a 7th grade assignment inviting kids to talk about what their religion believes. Let’s just say that my daughter even bringing up her atheism made the teacher very uncomfortable, and she was not included in the discussion.

I find it intriguing that RS4RS seems to be advocating for no inclusion of religion in any instruction unless Christianity is held up as the ‘one true religion’. As public schools go, Rockwood is pretty darn good. I think they are taking the right approach from a pedagogical standpoint. Obviously, there will be teachers who are not trained well enough to keep personal opinion out of it, regardless of their personal (non)beliefs. That’s something ALL teachers struggle with.

This whole idea that somehow Christianity is under attack because rational people are refusing to allow them to force their ideologies down our collective throat is pathetic and sad.


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