My Response to “Cautiously Pessimistic: Greta Christina’s Interview with Edwina Rogers”

In Atheism, Politics on May 8, 2012 at 4:06 pm

I share your concerns around the appointment of Ms. Rogers.  I think we need to separate, however, the Republican brand from politicians within the party who must pander to religious right on issues such as reproductive rights and marriage equality.  It is my belief that there is a non-insignificant percentage of Republican politicians who believe in evolution, are pro-choice, support marriage equality, and are, dare I say, atheists.  I believe this because I have Republican friends who match that description.  They remain fiscal conservatives, and we vehemently disagree on those policy discussions.

For me, as a left-of-Democrat liberal, I am choosing to give Ms. Rogers the benefit of the doubt.  Another liberal atheist is going to do nothing to forge inroads into the GOP or restore some sanity on that side of the aisle.  The Republican party has been hijacked by the religious right.  It is going to take a shared effort from Republicans to pull them back into the land of Reason.

Cautiously Pessimistic: Greta Christina’s Interview with Edwina Rogers.


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